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Martyrs Bus Service offers customers the use of this charter booking and quotation form in the interests of providing the best possible service. Benefits of using this method of obtaining quotations and booking a charter bus include the avoidance of any misunderstanding of charter details or times. What you type into our booking form is used directly by us. You will receive a return email in confirmation of your booking or quotation for your records and peace of mind.
Please direct all enquiries to bookings@martyrs.com.au.

In instances where a charter cannot be performed on a certain day or time as requested, due to bookings being at capacity, or where extra details may be required, you will promptly receive notification from our Charter Manager by either email or telephone.

Try this service of ours. We are sure you will like it. Think of the increased flexibility you can enjoy! You can now make a charter booking or query at any time, not just within normal office hours. Any information sent will be treated in strictest confidence in accord with our privacy policy


30 Kellys Road
Warburton 3799
p. (03) 5966 2035
f. (03) 5966 5955